How it works

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    Support for Large Screen Devices

    The old version of Triglotta was designed for 4 inch devices. The redesigned app supports screen sizes of all the latest devices and has the infrastructure to support any new sizes that come along.

  • 2

    Smart Document Location

    In the old version the location you were reading was lost when you switched documents. This version takes you back to where you were the last time you were reading the document.

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    Universal iPhone/iPad Application

    There is one application for both iPhones and iPads.

  • 4

    Still Free!

    The basic and most common functionality, looking at the writings in the Book of Concord, is still free. I'm still determining if there will be features and functionality that would require an in-app purchase to unlock. If you have any comments or suggestions in regards to this, please contact me.


Coming Soon. Please contact me if you would be willing to provide a testimonial.


Triglotta 2 will be free application. Search and other features may be limited or unlocked with In-App Purchases. Final features and pricing have not been finalized. Contact me to give feedback regarding how you would like to see the app priced.